Did You Ever Hear a Little Boy Laugh?

Did you ever hear a little boy laugh?
Did you ever see a young girl smile?
Did you ever wonder what could happen after while?
I don't know if you want to know
I'm not sure if I ought to say
If I needed you once I'll need you again
I need you right now

To have to work so hard to have it end so bad
To have to work so long for so much pain
To have to hurt so bad and then never have it end
I don't know what's left to do
I can't think what we haven't tried
If I hurt you once you know I'll hurt you again
Iím probably hurting you now

Did you ever think we could get like this?
Did you ever imagine this place?
Did you ever suppose we could end up so alone?
I don't know what you want from me
I just know what I want from you
You could hold me once, you could hold me again
You could hold me right now

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