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Earthquake Babies.  Mellen Poetry Press, 1993.
Sixteen Reasons Why I Killed Richard M. Nixon.  Livingston Press, 1996.
The Rough Guide to Internet Radio.  Rough Guides, 2002. 
Every Man Must Build a Home.  Livingston Press, 2002.

Short Stories

"Red Rocks.”  Denver Clarion.  Fall 1972.
“Every Year a Change of Flag.”  Raven Chronicles.  Spring 1994.
“Kill the Witnesses.”  Happy.  Summer 1995.
"Joe's Sister's Husband." Slur.  Vol. 2, #1 (Fall, 1995).
"Fifteen Mothers."  Between the Lines.  1996.
"Bird on the Wire."  Astarte.  Summer 1999.
"Little Wing."  New Rag Rising.  Spring 2002.
"Rainy Days on the Great Lakes."  Eclipse.  Volume 13, Fall 2002.  
"Will the Wind Ever Remember?"  Rockhurst Review.  Volume 16, Spring 2003.
"Wet."  Edgar.  Summer 2004.
"What Can You Tell from the Title?"  Rhapsoidia.  Winter, 2005.
“Ma Kitty.”  Metta F #1.  Spring 2007


                   “Thoreau at a Party.”  South Dakota Review.  Winter 1986.
“Alder.”  Duckabush Journal.  Fall 1989.
“Impressionists at the Metropolitan.”  Tramp.  Fall 1989.
“Routt County, 1920.”  Samisdat.  1990.
“Seashell.”  Wide Open.  Winter 1990.
“How a Raspberry Should Be.”  Green Prints.  Spring 1991.
“Yantra.”  Ant Farm.  Spring 1991.
“Sunday, After Breaking Up With Maggie.”  ARTerial.  Spring 1992.
"Cottonwoods."  Green Meadow Press.  1992.
“Crossing Wilshire.”  Untitled.  Fall 1992.
“Trying to Get a Cup of Tea.”  Pudding.  April 1993.
“Line on Water.”  Between the Lines.  1995.
"Pieces of the Bird."  Buffalo Bones.  Volume II, No. 1.  October 1995.
"Death at Boeing's." Raven Chronicles.  Summer 2001
"Membranes." 4 x 4:  The  Newport Review.   Summer 2002. 
"Satan's Red Ass."  Lilies and Cannonballs #1.  Summer 2004.  
"Asking."  Tar Wolf  Review #3.  Winter/Spring 2005.  
"Rahula, Siddhartha's Son."  Sugar Mule #21.    April 2005.
"mechanical bird in angel-food cake under water."  Sugar Mule #21.  April 2005. 
"The Stone."  West Wind #25.  2006. 



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