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I'd been three days on a bad road.  Rained on three times, sandblasted twice, dumped my bike one time, bad, asphalt to gravel to barbed wire.  But the man didn't have to look at me that way. . . .

So begins Every Man Must Build a Home.  The novel is set in 1974, and it is about a 23-year-old man's journey across America.  Or else it is set in the distant future and it's about a group of deep-space image artists facing the exhaustion of the material universe.  The narrator is . . . well, it's not entirely clear who the narrator is.  But the book seems to have something to do with the ideas of home, fire, and nothing.  Barbed wire also seems somehow involved.  (Click here for more attempts to answer the question "But what is it about?")

Every Man Must Build a Home was published by Livingston Press at the University of West Alabama.

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